Sunday, September 8, 2019

Full Ingreated Marketing Communication Plan Essay

Full Ingreated Marketing Communication Plan - Essay Example Its production has always been customer oriented backed by efficient result oriented real time research. It has an excellent management with a visionary marketing team who believes on thinking different and being ahead of competition. The team is aware of the marketing channels that can profit them more in terms of level of liquidity, goodwill and customer loyalty. It started it journey with an agriculture based vehicle which was renowned by the name Land Rover. In 1970, it came out with its first Range Rover. It was the first civilized vehicle manufactured by Land Rover keeping in mind the customers’ comfort. The models of the brand are the result of efficient customer insight and extensive research done by Land Rover. The car has been famous as a luxurious and fashionable 4*4 car. Market segment is one of the most important considerations for marketing communication. Since, Land Rover is a luxurious car; it is mostly focused on high income communities who have the means and the passion towards cars. Looking at its 4*4 feature, it is segmented under family car version of cars and its main target customers will be big old age personalities with family because it is they, who give importance to family and have time for them to be together and wish to travel together. They are also a segment who mostly gives high preference to comfort and quality then looks and fashion. Land Rover provides comfort, quality and luxurious status to its customers. The globalization has its impending effect on Land Rover that had many positive and negative effects for the company. Most important had been the fierce competition that started in the decade of 80’s. Its first competition was with Japanese automobile company like Mitsubishi and their manufactured general utility cars followed by BMW and many others. Land Rover had a whole lot of models that started with the name Land Rover itself followed by discovery

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