Monday, September 23, 2019

Sustainable Leadership - develope Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sustainable Leadership - develope - Essay Example For the development of a sustainable leadership experience, certain strategies that increase company value by taking opportunities and managing factors that affect business (Avery & Bergsteiner, 10, 2011). In order to acquire and achieve the required success, leaders must be able to interact with people, both outside the business and inside the business. They must be able to be kind and caring. Leaders should make a point of getting to know the people around them well and in a deeper level (Edge Equilibrium. 2012). Knowing people will help leaders know what they value most and who they truly are in business and outside it. Learning about other people’s basics like family members, their anniversaries or birthdays go a terrific deal in ensuring that such human interactions and connections make leaders sustainable (Szà ©kely, & Knirsch, 630, 2005). Sustainable leaders know a thing or two about innovations, and they are innovators. Knowing how to be innovative and coming up with brilliant ideas, means that as a leader, one is willing to aim higher. A sustainable leader also surrounds him with ardent innovative minds (Casserley, & Critchley, 167, 2012). A sustainable leader is flexible, in that, no matter which direction life flows, he will still remain standing strong. To be a flexible leader means that every step that is taken is towards the betterment of the business. Flexibility is essential if a leader wants to succeed in business since just as life flows uncertainly, so does business, and it is the leaders’ responsibility to guide it down the right path. A sustainable leader plans and prepares for succession. This will ensure that for effective succession, those who follow them are more dynamic and have the potential and will to maintain the momentum for improvement. A sustainable leader has a clear vision and target that he wishes to accomplish within a speculated amount of time. They use their

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