Saturday, September 7, 2019

Madonna and Child Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Madonna and Child - Essay Example Her eyes are narrow. Her skin is fair with a touch of pink upon her cheeks. She wears a loose, smaller scarf underneath the shawl, further covering her hair. We observe no appearance of any hair on Madonna’s head as it is covered by the scarf and shawl. Her shawl has a golden trim along the edges. She holds the Child with her left hand while her right hand is there to add further support. We note that her index finger, on the right hand, points downwards, either casually or perhaps a deeper meaning than the one that appears upon the surface. A light trace of a circle, which surrounds her head, can be noticed in the background on the canvas. The Child on the other hand has some peculiar features. For one, the first thing that is very visible is the colour of the skin, which appears to be of dark shade, perhaps light brown, with short hair. He wears a red tunic-type clothing with a shawl that partially covers the body. The Child appears to be holding onto Madonna’s shawl and scarf at the head. Again, like Madonna, there appears to be a halo like circle behind the child’s head, detailed with patterns. With Berlinghiero’s Madonna and Child immediately you will notice the higher level of details especially around the eyes and hands. Madonna appears to be wearing three different types of garments, a headscarf, a shawl and tunic or shirt type clothing underneath the shawl. Her right hand appears to be pointing towards the child who is held up by her right hand. We can also observe a white head covering underneath the large headscarf.

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