Thursday, September 12, 2019

Murrah case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Murrah case study - Essay Example This system includes training, planning and coordination efforts among the community members. Because the trainings and meetings are regular, which is on a monthly basis and the informal consultations are done on a more frequent basis, the local members have gained the preparedness through the good flow of communication. The city of Oklahoma has ensured preparedness by developing an all-hazards response capability, which is aimed to train, plan and coordinate efforts in any disaster that will come to the city. By first being prepared, the people concerned would have known what to do when a thing happens. The preparedness of the city includes engaging all the concerned parties at the planning phase. Because the people who are concerned are involved in developing ideas, then coordinating them to others who play a role in the system, the concerned parties have a feel of how the flow of communication will be even when during the incident. These people include firefighters, police officers, public health officers, urban search and rescue teams, engineers, public work officials, military personnel and hospital and other medical care providers. These people also have developed strong working relationships with people of the local media who helped communicate the information to the public. The ‘drafting and competing of local and state disaster response plans’ are part of the preparation. The integration of these plans through communication has proven vital when the real disaster has occurred. The strong working relationship proves to be a vital element in the communication flow of the system during the incident. Because people have developed a strong relationship during the preparations for disasters, the flow of communication was easier and smoother, which lead to the success in the interoperability in the

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