Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Career - Essay Example The world has also become more permissive to the globalization of products and such globalization has become manifest in almost all the products we use in our daily lives, from our cars to our foods, and our office supplies. This paper shall discuss how my preferred career – business marketing – has been affected by globalization. More specifically, it shall discuss how the supply end of the market has been affected by globalization. This paper shall then specifically discuss supply chaining and how its practice has been affected by globalization. Globalization has affected business marketing in terms of how supplies are marketed, used and acquired. In the practice known as supply-chaining, Friedman discusses how globalization has made the world flat. He discusses that supply chaining is a â€Å"method of collaborating horizontally – among suppliers, retailers, and customers – to create value† (Friedman, p. 152). He explains how supply chaining has been enabled by the flattening of the world and how it has easily been carried out by the fact that the world is flat. He also cites the example of Wal-Mart, and how the world’s biggest retail company which practically makes â€Å"nothing,† has managed to become a very efficient supply chain. In the Christmas season, Hewlett-Packard usually sells about 400,000 computers daily in these Wal-Mart stores (Friedman, p. 152). And supply chaining has become very much beneficial for buyers because they can buy products at the best quality and at low cost; and retailers can afford to sell their products at the lowest possible cost because of cheaper production costs (Friedman, pp. 155-158). All in all, most people – from the suppliers to the end consumers – benefit from the global supply chain. In Sun Microsystems, Inc., they have managed to introduce the technological innovation known as ‘one-touch supply chain’ where the company was able to restructure the manufacturing process. The

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