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Foundation Early childhood studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Foundation Early childhood studies - Essay Example This research paper explores how factors such as family networks and social support, parent-child relationships, poverty, housing and the safety of the environment influences a child’s (0-6 years) early experiences and the consequences they have on the later well-being and health of that child. The main early childhood practices entail a baby’s brain development journey. Extensive researches on brain development demonstrate there is a close connection of the brain to emotional, social, and physical growth of individuals (EYFS, 2014). Thus, if such primary abilities are not initiated at early ages, they would effect a child’s learning capacity and advancing in education. Thus, all this initiation should be invoked from a health perspective because the well-being of the child would depend on the health status of the child. The health of young children aged (0-6 years) is essential to the overall development, school readiness, and well-being of children to avoid such instances as; higher rates of absenteeism in preschool, serious illness, emotional and physical distress, and even long-term disability (Crosson-tower, 2005). Provision of high-quality care in the early ages of development has a lasting implication on the child’s learning and development. Research shows that children experience faster growth in their first 3-years study than any other period in their later years. Therefore, if the children receive high quality care during these years they will tend to achieve higher results in school as well as develop better skills, which are necessary for future long learning (Barlow and Calam, 2011). Moreover, recent research articulates that the first five years of a child’s life influences and are important for the development of a child’s brain while the first three years are imperative for the development of the child’s brain architecture. Therefore, it is evident that the early 0-6 years are

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