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SOCIAL SCIENCE (PATIENT NARRATIVE) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

SOCIAL SCIENCE (PATIENT NARRATIVE) - Essay Example models â€Å"chronic diseases have become more important than the persons who harbor them.† However, there have been shifts to models that consider other factors such as social, psychological and environmental in shaping the context of a disease and illness. An example is the bio-psychosocial model which acknowledges that in a disease context, there are many factors such as behaviour and attitude towards the illness, social as well as psychological factors (Engel, 2012). The narratives from the patients are today extensively applied to explore the patient experiences with illness (Charon 2001; Kleinman 1988). Management of chronic diseases (Huyse, et al., 1999) require a holistic approach where both the patient and the medical team share feelings and emotional characteristics influencing the conditions experienced in the life of the patient. In this assignment, a patient’s story on his experience with diabetes will be explored with an aim to construct the cultural, soci al and psychological meaning and locate the facts in contemporary theoretical perspectives. The real names and hospital where the patient, whose narrative is to be used in this analysis, was encountered have been altered to comply with the NMC guidelines and policies of confidentiality (NMC, 2008). During my placement this year, a 52 year old man, Mr. Browns, walked into our clinic to seek medical attention on his wanting chronic condition. Mr. Browns showed symptoms such as occasional tiredness. He passed out a lot of urine and was continuously in thirst. He had a huge body size which made him feel more tired. He occasionally complained to be allowed to prostrate on the coach as he conversed rather than sitting as other patients did. Mr. Browns was born in London where he lives to date. These symptoms clearly linked Mr. Browns’ condition to type 2 diabetes (Blaxter, 1983). Upon further diagnosis, Mr. Browns’ diabetic condition was found to have escalated to almost severe states and required

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