Monday, July 29, 2019


BUSINESS ETHICS AND THEIR INPACT ON BUSINESS COMMUNICATION - Essay Example Descriptive and analytical research methodology is applied in this research paper. The findings of paper are purely based on a code of business ethics which should be implemented in every single organization in objective and effective way. The subject of Ethics is from the subject of Philosophy. It is liable to addresses questions about morality and no doubt it is an important part of every one’s life. There are two levels of ethics; theoretical and applied ethics. Business ethics is one of the most imperative parts of the applied ethics. In this paper, I will try to discuss some of the major ethical philosophies that are applied to business ethics such as teleological ethics, utilitarianism, egoism, deontological ethics, etc. The purpose of this study is to represent which ethical approach is appropriated in business. Keywords: Ethics, Business Organizations, Code of Ethics, Ethics in business, Communication, Ethical theories.â€Æ' Introduction Governments of all countries of the world have either prepared a strong code of business ethics for the organizations to follow these codes to deal with the customer and to handle the daily activities of organization, or they ask business entities to schedule their own code of business ethics to implement it but this code of ethics must be within the rules and laws made by the government of that country. But the best method among these two is that government should itself prepare a strict code of ethics for the business entities to follow with the consultation of the association of business organizations. In this way, government will be allowed to look after the ethical affairs of business and to ask them to follow those ethical principles effectively, strictly and completely (Jalil, Azam, & Rahman, 2010). As the most brilliant creator of the Lord, we live to progress, to grow and to move ahead. All of us are in an age of innovation, where the free markets are getting rapid growth, a nd so the economy of the entire world. Latest technological products, roles of the government bodies, and every person on this globe is facing new challenges, exploring new opportunities for making growth, facing the demands from public and bearing the limitation. Most of the people are working to make their life error free and nations are working collectively having an aim of spreading freedom and democratic principles; to look after the free markets of the economy, to protect the individual’s rights, and to encourage respect for human rights, the rule of law, and the environment (Siltaoja & Lamsa, 2011). Every person wants to live in a good and well mannered society and this why a majority of people is worry about the ethics within the society. Any organization is related to each individual of the society and the entire economy. Behavior of an individual is a central to the business life and ethical principles have an important influence on individual’s behavior. For that reason, it is clear that the entire business is influenced by the individual’s behavior. Now each of the organization has completely or partially prepared their own code of ethics (Gulcan, 2011). Businesses on this planet are developing and apply ethics in their business dealings in order to address the legal, ethical, social responsibility, and environmental issues they face. If a business analyze and evaluate these problems in a more systematic way, it can improve its own business performance with ease. The ethical codes can also help expanding opportunities for growth, and contribute to the development of

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