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Nova callege Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nova callege - Assignment Example But the reaction on Mrs Mallard upon her husband’s death is enough proof to determine that what goes on between them cannot be characterized by pure love or devotion to each other. Richards and her sister Josephine took great lengths to be gentle in how they break the bad news to her. The both of them were reluctant and calculating in telling her of the tragedy that ended Brently Mallard’s life. â€Å"When the storm of grief had spent itself she went away to her room alone. She would have no one follow her† (Chopin, par. 3). Her reaction was not analogous to other women before her in the same position. After the immediate show of grief, her next move was to go swiftly to her room and contemplate on what the event essentially means and how the same could change her life. She looked at it as a new beginning and an escape from a dreadful married life. The irony of course was how fast things happen and how lives could change and end in an hour. The overwhelming emotions that were because of her husband’s death introduced to her the prospect of a new which is equivalent to nothing less than freedom. The same freedom she shouted from her heart a nd had enveloped her whole being eventually led to her own death. The plot of â€Å"The Lottery† is an intriguing narrative of an old village and their practice which captivates the reader and keeps them wondering on what all the activity going on is all about. Shirley Jackson was very prolific in her description of the village and the people that comprise it. The children who are playing all around and their banter including the atmosphere as it was a time just after school ended and their vacation has just started. The village is portrayed as common and nothing out of the ordinary and the same goes for the village folks. The title of the short story is very curious and evokes an inquisitive outlook prior to completing the conclusion. The children occupied by collecting stones suggest the perception

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