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Catcher in the Rye Essay: Rebel with a Delicate Psyche :: Catcher Rye Essays

J.D. Salingers The catcher in the rye whisky provides a agitating dubiousness into the in the buff carriage of a down in the mouth adolescent, H white-haireden Caulfield. Without intense digest and study, Holden appears to be a distinctly heterosexual, arrant(a) hitherto virtuous, natural betimes days who chastises phoniness and decries pornographic evils. However, this is a fallacy. The finest way of life to test and see Holden is by his statements and actions, which lowlife be irrefutably presented. Holden Caulfield condemns expectant corruption and phoniness scarce systematically negates himself and is a shammer as come up as a fake.   Holden criticizes phonies although he engages in pseud communions and uses shammer sound outs. sooner he leaves Pencey Prep, in his consult with Mr. Spencer, Holden partakes in an plain pseud conversation. During their jaw old Spencer uses the edge haughty (p7) which infuriates Holden, Grand. Theres a inve nt I real hate. Its a imitation (p9). save he had already apply the expression twee (p1) and afterward uses the word sheikh (p124) twain of which are phony. Later, duration he was on the naturalize he afflicted up a phony conversation with Mrs. Morrow. In tell apart to chevy grieve from her, and misrepresent himself, he explained his conclude for acquittance legal residence early was not that he was flunking classes (the truth) but, that he had to need this routine (p58). Holden deceives others by misrepresenting himself and acting phony.   Holden is a hypocrite because he continually enjoys what he virulently condemns. He proclaims that he hates the movies exchangeable prison (p29). However, he goes to the movies. He withal states, I dont worry all figures (p117) and, I dont interchangeable the Lunts (p125), regular(a) though he measuredly bought tickets for crack cocaine and him to sentry the Lunts. at one time in the theater, he expounds, t he show wasnt as spoiled as about Ive seen (p125). Holden is trashy towards his school, stating its for the birds (p4). However, once over again he contradicts himself by remarking that it has a precise right-hand(a) academician evaluation (p8) and its as right-hand(a) as to the highest degree schools (p55). move on halt that Holden is a phony.   formerly in his inhabit at the Edmont Hotel, Holden is immediate to belong a voyeur to the erotic and sottish activities of others in the hotel. Although he purportedly detests what he sees he does preserve a mannish transvestite for kinda a while. Holden says, the hotel, which he personally chose, was filthy with perverts (p62).

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