Monday, July 22, 2019

Kelley School of Business Essay Example for Free

Kelley School of Business Essay Business has had a captivation over my intellectual interests ever since my freshmen year of high school. I chose to be independent and wanted to make my own path in my field of my interests and hence chose finance. I wish to make an impact on the business world and also be a successful entrepreneur. I have started early and taken the steps to ensure my success in the field. I have always liked subjects like mathematics, accounting and management and this is why I chose to major in Business. This is my 2nd semester at Kelley and I started off with my intention to major in Finance. But after exploring more opportunities I plan to major in Accounting and Finance with a minor in Economics. I then plan to work in a financial institution for couple of years and prepare for GMAT simultaneously. I want to get into the best Business school for my MBA. Furthermore, I plan to work at a good position in a good institution and reach the top level management of that institution. My goal is to become a CFO of a company. I have always been involved in a lot of intra-collegiate and inter-collegiate festivals in high school. I have performed duties of a Division Representative, Contingent Leader, etc. and represented my high school/junior college in city-level festivals. I have managed to win one of Mumbai’s (India) biggest inter-collegiate festival. I am an active member of the International Club, Indian Students Advisory Council (ISAC), Indian Students Cultural Association (ISCA) and Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) at IUPUI. I have performed a dance and walked the ramp for ISACs biggest festival here on campus. Additionally, I have volunteered to walk the ramp for International Clubs biggest event of the year, International Fashion and Cultural Show. I also plan on applying for the Advertising Officer position for International Club and Cultural Secretary position for ISAC. I love volunteering and I think its a really good way to serve the community. I have volunteered for 5 medical camps back in Mumbai and have also been a part of a NGO i.e., Once again green. We basically looked for the greenery in the city and planted new trees every weekend. At IUPUI I have volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis which was my best experience so far. Also, I have volunteered for IUPUI Flag corps. Recently, I volunteered for MLK day of service and felt attached to the community. Furthermore, I have registered to volunteer for the Kelley Career Fair on Feb 12th, 2012. Well, I am taking 18 credit hours this semester. I do have a scholarship of $4,000 every semester but my dad still ends up paying $14,000. Being an International Student our fees is much more than the In-State students it becomes really expensive. My dad also pays for my rent and personal expense which comes to about $1000-1200 every month. Hence, I am applying for various scholarships and programs which can help me pay my tuition fee and reduce the burden on my dad. Furthermore, I am looking for more job opportunities to get hands on experience and get my personal expenses covered. I am a direct admit to the Kelley School of Business. I have also been awarded Deans Recognition Scholarship of $32,000 for 4 years. I successfully secured a GPA of 3.614 in my first semester of my freshman year and hence I was fortunate enough and gain recognition to be admitted to Kelley School of Business, Dean’s Honor List. In addition, I have been invited to be a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). I have been dedicated to Kelley school throughout. I have also been asked by my Kelley Academic Advisor to be interviewed for a video and printed material to recruit other International students.

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