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Epic theater, a comaritive analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Epic theater, a comaritive analysis - Essay Example As he is introduced, his presence evokes an image of the fallen, a prevalent theme throughout the French Revolution. As the story of the French Revolution is told by historians and enhanced by paintings, illustrations, and live action recreations of the events, The French Revolution: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite -A New Republic is Born in Blood, creates a film experience that breaths life into the historical figures of the French Revolution. While the causes of the French Revolution can be linked across many theoretical and philosophical constructs, the main cause was created from an economic crisis. As in most cases, the people were motivated to act because of a lack of stability which caused a lack of food. Of the many reasons that can motivate people into action, the one that denies them the basic needs of survival will most often inspire the quickest movement toward a radicalization. The film describes the events that surround the impending crisis that is setting up France for a time when flour, a staple of bread making which is a food staple for the French, prices would skyrocket, creating a circumstance where a loaf of bread becomes worth a month’s salary [1]. By using live action recreations and illustrations from the time period, a connection can be made by the audience to the impact of starvation on a people who is not properly represented or supported. Mention is made of Marie Antoinette’s â€Å"most famous line she never said . . . Let them eat cake† [2]. The line was a commentary on the feelings of the French people to their queen, and while the film mentions that she never said such a thing, it is made clear that her excesses are what led this line to be associated with her. The film displays a series of examples of the excesses in which she indulged, including illustrations of overly exaggerated hairstyles that could stand several feet tall. In the midst of a country that was

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