Friday, August 9, 2019

Cuban Missile Crisis (Paper) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Cuban Missile Crisis (Paper) - Essay Example Cuba and the Soviet settled at an agreement when they had an undisclosed meeting and the development of several nuclear sites earnestly began. The United States discovered the presence of ballistic missile facilities and instigated a blockade that prevented more missiles from entering Cuba. It made the announcement that they would prohibit weapons that were offensive to be delivered to Cuba and wanted the weapons that were in Cuba to be destroyed or returned to where they had come from. After a number of agreements with the Soviet Union as well as Cuba the blockade was ended and the consultations between the US and the Soviet identified a straight communication channel between the two capitals. This paper seeks to analyse the events that surrounded the missile crisis before and after it took place. In the summer of 1962, CIA analysts received several potentially alarming reports concerning Russians being spotted in Cuba but the reports were part of a stream of similar tales that involved African troops and other troops in the Island. Majority of the intelligences were eventually dismissed by specialists who were accustomed to bogus report of Soviet Union gear hidden away in caves. This demonstrates that the United States was a victim of determined efforts by the Soviet of denial and trickery that camouflaged the placement of Soviet forces as well as weapons missiles in Cuba. The trickery in some instances included information that was accurate concerning the deployment so that it could be able to mask the operation through thousands of reports in Cuba in the time leading up to the missiles being actually being brought into Cuba. In the confusion, the Soviets managed to deploy more than the offensive nuclear missiles that was the main focus of the consequent crisis with the United States. Even though analysts from the United States as well as policymakers had knowledge of the conventional weapons,

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