Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How does Fitzgerald demonstrate the ideas of the modernist period in Essay

How does Fitzgerald demonstrate the ideas of the modernist period in his story Who is the protagonist and what is the conflict - Essay Example The story is biographical in nature as it includes experiences of Fitzgerald’s own life. The conflict in the story of â€Å"Babylon Revisited† is about the attempt a father makes to gain custody of his daughter Honoria, while fighting a battle against alcoholism. The protagonist in the story is Charlie Wales who amassed a fortune by investing in stocks during the 1920’s great bull market occasion. Charlie was a 35 year old American businessman who quit his job to settle down with his wife Helen in Paris to enjoy his wealth. Unfortunately, due to his weakness for alcohol, and the family’s reckless lifestyle, there was great friction in the family which finally led to his wife’s Helen’s death. Charlie becomes a victim to alcohol abuse and is soon admitted into a sanitarium. His daughter is sent to live with his wife Helen’s sister while he strives to get over his bad habit of drinking. We can definitely sympathize with Charlie because he makes a great attempt to do away with his drinking and after his release from the sanitarium, he once again establishes himself as a businessman after he moved to Prague. References Babylon Revisited www.gutenberg.net.au/fsf/BABYLON-REVISITED.html Babylon Revisited www.enotes.com

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