Friday, August 16, 2019

Problem at My College

Kiet Bui Mrs. Muench ESL 312 Main Problems in SJCC Who among us knows that education is very important for every person, it is the social platform to help grow. But there are a few that need to improve education is the quality of teaching and facilities, now has one of the college like SJCC even though the quality of teaching is quite good but there are a few things to fix. First at all, the library is where the necessary information that every college student in your life to come.But currently, the library is where students do not want to visit, because of books for students to borrow, so low that the number of students is too crowded, but the college does not application the needs for students that is one very serious problem for schools to meet the needs, combined with publishers buy books to support students' knowledge, open e-book library, enriched for the college library. Second, the majority of students in the SJCC complained that the school's parking lot is too small, and it makes them no place for parking, often what you are going to SJCC soon they had plenty of space for parking. Similar essay: MonashCollegeMoodleFor some people home away from being late to send the car out of college, it's very dangerous because parking outside the school is not safe and it will affect the focus on student learning. To solution this situation the college should expand parking for students even if the area does not allow the school campus to hire one parking lot near the school for students to help alleviate this situation. Finally, the SJCC cafeteria is a place to study the break of the students.It contributed an important part for the current college but the SJCC cafeteria is crowded places of the students because the cafeteria was built long time ago and very small, does not satisfy the needs of students in SJCC. College needs to focus attention to the rebuilding or add one more in the school cafeteria equipment and invest more modern infrastructure and create conditions for students to unwind in this case. We had so many reasons to mention the need to overcome the problem s in the world but the remedy depends on each of us trying to fix it. Take for advanced education and growing because it is the key to lead us to success.

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