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Overly Pushy Leaders in an Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Overly Pushy Leaders in an Organization - Essay Example This was mostly due to the factors like intimacy, affection and above all respect that have helped the acceptability of pushy behavior of managers. But at the same time the very pushy manages have also acted as a retarder in highly efficiently functioning environment. This was mostly due to the disappointment in the minds of supervisors and disillusionment among the workers. The performance gained through over pushy managers is observed to be unsustainable. The results generated in these circumstances were always due to the high work pressure and hence, unless the pressure is maintained the expected outputs couldn't be attained at a later time. The research studies undertaken earlier have clearly demonstrated the perception of the employees under the pushy leaders in organization. The present day challenge is to ensure a highly productive team of employees in the organizational system. Though different strategies have been tested and is often concluded that the personal attributes of managers or leaders of the group are very vital to meet the objectives within the allocated resources. The impact of pushy mangers is found to be very significant in these type of situations. Hence, further research is required to understand the implications of pushy type managers on long term performance of the organization. Though the well established management principles states that entire works need to be specified in detail and need to be well specified to distinct units of operation to enable the organizations to function as a 'well oiled machine' (Plsek and Wilson, 2001). In most of the working environments any better strategies for change have been followed by stiff resistance by the employees. Even in the case of highly skilled group of work force and professional, like health care sector, the employees were not inclined for such detailing of operations assuming it not very significant in improving the function. Another initiative that was tried is using the dynamic management of internal information systems (Nonaka et al, 2000). These approaches though undertaken with maximum care and efficiency were unable to bring out the desired results from the delivery perspective. Though the top management could be informed of the strengths and weakness in the system as a result of these better initiativ es, the systems were often found to be ill-equipped for the corresponding reverse flow of information which was required for improving the operational efficiency of the entire workforce of the organization. Grey areas demanding attentionCreation of better value culture by the top level managers for the enhanced productivity and innovation in organizations was also tried in the past (Michael et al, 2004). All these methods have relied on the activities of the managers towards the objectives rather than the results expected from the activities. Thus for the organizations to be more competitive and successfully pushy managers in organizations are inevitable (Pacella, 2009). In order to bring in a huge transformation in the organizational performance , it is recommended that the top management team need to have the ability to develop, model and exchange the vision for the organization, provide grater support to innovativeness besides having flexibility that allow the employees to take

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