Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Language Difficulties Of Foreign Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Language Difficulties Of Foreign Students - Essay Example While other students would consider the learning difficulties presented by being a non-native English speaker quite insurmountable. I faced the obstacle more as a challenge that I was meant to overcome. By facing my demons and challenging myself to achieve more than others believed I could, I would be able to find a place during the semester where I would begin to enjoy the English classes. Over time, I was able to find my place, my voice, and a comfortable way to tackle my English assignments, coursework, and exams that allowed me to begin to feel comfortable with the use of the English language. As such I am now more comfortable with the English language classes I am taking this semester than the last term. I would have to say that peer reviews from my classmates served a definite purpose in helping me to improve my English writing technique. That is because I am given an opportunity to see the way other people view my writing. Which also helps me get a clearer idea as to the weak points that I have with my writing skills and how I can improve upon those errors. It is because of the peer reviews that I was also able to develop an idea as to what good writing is all about and how to recognize a well-written essay. For me, a well-written essay does not have much to do with the grammar or structure of the paper. Neither does it have to do with the way the writer approaches the subject. Although these things are of some importance to the written word, it is not the be all and end of a perfect essay.

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